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It's Time to...

The Wildflower Hall Shimla, India
The Grace Santorini
The Grace Santorini, Imerovigli, Santorini, Greek Islands (

The Oberoi Udaivilas ( on a shore of Lake Pichola in Udaipur, India.

The Hotel Caruso, Ravello, Itally (

The Boucan by Hotel Chocalat Hotel & Restaurant, Rabot Estate, Staint Lucia, Caribbean (

Giola Lagoon, a natural pool near the village of Astris on Thassos, in the Greek Islands.

The Library, 14/1 Moo 2, Chaweng Beach, Bophut Koh Samui, Suratthani 84320, Thailand 

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SHOW and TELL...

Now that R|M has just completed its first Designer/Decorator’s showhouse, Housing Work's "Design On A Dime 2014", the firm’s dynamic design duo, (Leslie Rinehardt and Marvin Miller) take a moment to debrief and reflect. And all in between our weekly table top discussion, the team mused over images of past, and the most recent present showhouse's that have inspired our firm's transition into this public arena. Here's a look and sprinkled in between our discussion about what's next...

Excerpts From Architectural Digest: A showhouse honoring Albert Hadley

(David Eastons Home Office Inspired By Albert Hadley)

Q:     What was your understanding of a Showhouse prior to having participated?
R|M:  Our understanding of a Designer Showhouse was for several designers to come together for the common goal of raising money for a particular benefit or charity, and to design their assigned rooms with the creativity and style for which they are noted.  We also knew that in addition to showcasing their talents and expertise, the construction build-out and decorating of these spaces was the sole responsibility of (us) the designers to negotiate, and would typically gain more exposure and media coverage than the average firm could garner on their own.

Q:      Did you feel that it was worth doing from a marketing of the company perspective?
(Pamela Bankers Room Inspired By Albert Hadley)

R|M:   Absolutely, and we've met so many other designers and individuals in the process.

Q:     How do you feel your process as a designer puts your talents (or what you can do) on display?
R|M:  It allows us to stretch a little, even though you still have parameters in the space because it cannot be altered but so much.  In the Showhouse scenario, you are not working with a specific client, so you do not have to answer to someone else about details or concerns that would normally be considered.

Q:      What is your process for coming up with a concept for the room vignette? What do you draw on, or where do you go to get that inspiration?
R|M:  Well, since it is two of us, we run different basic ideas past one another, until something resonates for us both. There is definitely no one place we go to for inspiration, because we both have very different ways of coming to the same place.

Q:      You guys love art and books, do you consider these to be the focal points of how you design a space?
R|M:  By no means are they the main focal points, but they are major elements that enhance, and help tell a story about the person(s) who live in the space.

Q:      What are your must-have elements that you include in your rooms?  
R|M:  Books, art, global accessories and textiles, and some element or items that reflect the personality of the owner, or in the case of the Showhouse, our interpretation of who the owner is.

Q:   How do you feel you get your ROI (Return on Investment) from doing a Showhouse?
R|M:  Ultimately, it would be from the exposure to an audience that prior to the show didn't know we existed, and who would now consider hiring us. 

Q:     What is "a must do" Showhouse for you or which one do you perceive will put your firm on every ones radar?
R|M:   Of course, as a New York area design firm, Kips Bay would be at the top of our list. 

Our Picks From The 2014 Kips Bay Decorator Showhouse

(Ingrao's Interior Design for the Living Room | Photo via Curbed )

(Juan Montoya's Interior Design for the Living Room | Photo via Curbed )

 (Matthew Quinn's Interior Design for the Kitchen | Photo via Curbed )

(William Georgis's Interior Design for the Living Room | Photo via Curbed )

(Villalobos Desio's Interior Design for the Study  | Photo via Curbed )

(Cullman & Kravis's Bedroom/Sitting Room | Photo via Interior Design Magazine)

(Mark Hampton's Sitting Room | Photo via Interior Design Magazine)

(Kirsten & Kelli's Office Style Sitting Room | Photo via Interior Design Magazine)

(Markham Roberts Personal Study  | Photo via Interior Design Magazine)

(Darryl Carter’s Living Room | Photo via Interior Design Magazine)

Q: So what’s next for the for R|M?
L&M:  Well honestly, while we were completing one showhouse we were preparing for another. R|M has  been invited to participate in this year’s New York City Lenox Hill Hospital inaugural Designer Showhouse of New York, in support of the new Lenox Hill HealthPlex. Our design firm is honored to be one of the top interior designers from the New York metropolitan area selected to who will showcase our design talents and innovative ideas to the public.

Q:   Do you both have any favor showhouse rooms of the moment of from past showhouse’s?
L&M   We do, just take a look at our picks from a special showhouse honoring interior designer, Albert Hadley and we've shared some our favorite rooms from this year’s Kips Bay Showhouse too. Enjoy!

Leslie & Marvin 

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Design on a Dime 2014

Designers Came out for in force for Design on a Dime. The Event Raised Over $1.1 M as Tastemakers Envision, Create and Inspire for Charity. Here's a look at Rinehardt | Miller's Experience from beginning to end.

(All images owned by: Rinehardt|Miller Interiors)

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Two Showhouse's at the same time! Crazy busy! Grateful! #RMI #KeepItMovin

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